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Negotiation Analysis

Negotiation Analysis


Two-day course
16.05.2018, 18.05.2018

One-day presentation 

G23 - 103

Prof. Dr. Matthias Raith


Master BWL/Business Economics
Master Management & Entrepreneurship

Master BWL - Wahlmodul

  10 CP

In this course students learn how negotiations can be structured and how conflicts in multiple-person decision problems can be visualized and valued to allow for a constructive conflict resolution process. During a two-day introductory course students learn recent developments in negotiation analysis and can test their new knowledge in interactive exercises. In particular, the course offers techniques to analyze the sturcture of bi- and multilateral negotiations, methods to value the bargaining power of parties in asymmetric conflict situations, and procedures to reach fair negotiation agreements. Furthermore, the course offers a guideline of how to write negotiation case studies. In the weeks following the introductory course, each two-student team analyzes a real negotiation situation and prepares a case study. The students can select a negotiation situation on their own but it needs to refer to the fields of social-business mergers or social entrepreneurship. The students present their final case studies at the end of the semester.

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